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Acoustic Curtain

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Our acoustic curtains are one of several solutions that we offer to actively minimize the noise that may arise in your workplace. These curtains are made of reinforced, flame retardant composite materials and are available in the colours yellow or blue.

Järvens acoustic curtains are heavier and thicker than normal curtains, which means that they have an improved noise reduction function. These noise-absorbing curtains are suitable for environments that are exposed to lighter noise and where one has greater need of a constraining drapery than of an acoustic wall.

It is a curtain that with its function reduces and minimizes noise reflection with an R-value average of 15.4 dB for airborne sound insulation measurements in the laboratory according to SS-EN 140/3:95.

With our wide range of products and accessories, we can with ease design curtains according to your needs. You can further adjust the curtains with various attachments such as; windows, extra edges, welded chains, drawstrings, and others.

• Noise reflection
• Sound blocking
• Laundry- and sports halls
• Environmental rooms
• Welding work areas
• Dust covers
• Room separators

42319 Chain 0.64 kg / lpm, Curtain
42324 Reinforcement Tape PVC 70mm, welded
42346 Velcro straps, Hook + Felt 30 mm

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