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Järvens PVC-stripes provide good protection against noise, smoke, dust, drafts, heat, etc. Our PVC-stripes also offer clear-view properties allowing you to keep the light in your premises. With Järvens PVC-stripes you can reduce heat loss and save money by installing PVC-stripes against cold drafts in doorways and gates. Each PVC-stripes have their own special condition in terms of height, length and width. Our specialty is to produce PVC-stripes along with finding system that creates productive workspaces and together with our clients shape the individualized workplace.

To achieve the best possible outcome it is often required to construct custom solutions for our PVC-stripes. You can easily both walk and run through our hanging PVC-stripes. Our PVC-stripes are available in various grades and sizes, which results in that our PVC-stripes can be ordered complete or PVC-stripes on reel 50 m or PVC-stripes on the meter. We at the Järven will immediately produce and deliver your PVC-stripes. Get in touch today to find out more how our PVC-stripes can help you and save time, money and energy.

Järvens PVC stripes are specifically tailored and designed for the following applications:
• PVC-stripes to cold rooms
• PVC-stripes for noise reduction, dust cover
• PVC-stripes for truck doors
• PVC-stripes to pass doors
• PVC-stripes for heat sluice
• PVC stripes for gym facilities
• PVC-stripes for bathhouse
• PVC-stripes for industry

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