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Lightweight curtain

Art No 60010

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Our lightweight curtains can be used in most workplaces and can easily change the design of your facilities. As each project is unique, we can propose the curtain that is most appropriate for the conditions found at your workplace.

Järven has for over 30 years, developed and manufactured curtains for customers all over the world. This experience has contributed to that Järvens curtains are available in many different qualities and colors. With our wide range of products and accessories, we can with ease design curtains according to your needs. You can further adjust the curtains with various attachments, such as; windows, extra edges, welded chains, drawstrings, and others.

• Laundry- and sports halls
• Environmental rooms
• Welding work areas
• Dust covers
• Room Separators

42319 Chain 0.64 kg / lpm Curtain
42324 Reinforcement Tape PVC 70mm, welded
42346 Velcro straps, Hook + Felt 30 mm

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